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Reduce the risks of internationalization with our funding

Take advantage of emerging growth opportunities with us. We offer funding to plan internationalization and for actions in target markets. We also offer funding for group of companies to explore significant joint business opportunities in international markets.

What do you need funding for?

Building internationalization readiness

Market Explorer funding can be used to buy new information and expertise to help your company make progress in a new export market. The funding is intended to cover the expenses incurred from purchasing expert services. The amount of funding granted by Business Finland is a maximum EUR 40,000, and the funding covers 50 percent of the costs of procuring expert services. Read more about Market Explorer.

Among other things, you can test the functionality of your business concept, gain feedback from potential customers, and analyze demand in a new market. The maximum amount of funding is EUR 60,000, and the funding covers 75 percent of the project's budget. This funding constitutes a grant that does not have to be paid back. Read more about Tempo.

Market access for groups of companies

We grant funding to groups of at least four SMEs that are eligible for support and have a joint offering with significant growth potential on international markets. The funding is a grant for 50 percent of the eligible purchased services on the project. Read more about the Group Explorer.

You can receive a trade fair grant to attend an international trade fair outside Finland. The grant can cover up to 50 percent of the eligible costs of the project. A grant of up to EUR 35,000 per trade fair can be approved for individual companies. Read more about the Exhibition Explorer.

Pilot projects

Accelerate product development, and renew and develop products, services, production methods, or business models. A Business Finland loan is suitable for piloting and product development close to the commercialization stage. Our funding is for private-sector research projects which focus on the creation of new competencies. Read more about R&D funding.

Co-innovation in developing markets

We offer funding, so you can co-create new solutions and business models for developing markets together with local partners. We help you to identify sustainable business models and find local partners. Read more about Co-Innovation in developing markets.