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Avoid the pitfalls of internationalization with market information

We’ll help you to gather relevant market data to make fact-based decisions. Our local experts assist you to identify the right sources of information and we can offer funding for a market study tailored to your company’s needs.

Our services

Market studies

We share industry specific market studies and advice on customized market analysis.

  • If you are seeking industry-level information on specific market – we offer Industry specific market study report on select industries and markets,
  • If you need a market study that is specifically tailored to your company's needs – we help you to assess the market and to get help from right service providers and experts.
  • To cover costs for consulting you may apply for applicable BF Internationalization Funding.

Team Finland Market Opportunities

We publish information about sales leads, business opportunities, and future development trends, as well as reviews on different countries, in our online service Team Finland Market Opportunities, which is available free of charge. We add new publications to the service almost daily.

Team Finland Market Opportunities

Become our customer

Start-ups and SMEs that have the following can become customers of Business Finland:

  1. Finnish business ID and has genuine business activities in Finland
  2. Financial resources required for internationalization
  3. Versatile expertise and team: employs at least two persons full-time in Finland
  4. Willingness to grow on the international market
  5. Competitive edge on the international market

Complete a survey and you will find out whether Business Finland can offer services for your company. Answering questions will take 5-10 minutes.

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