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Improve your company's competitiveness by reducing waste

Material audit funding is suitable for industrial companies that want to improve their competitiveness and take concrete sustainability measures. With the help of the funding, your company will be able to identify the waste generated in its operations and how to reduce it.

Material audit funding

Funding is available for material audits of SMEs, mid cap companies and large corporations. Material-efficient operations improve competitiveness, reduce the carbon footprint, and are a concrete corporate responsibility measure. Material efficiency is circular economy.

We provide funding for Material Audits based on the Motiva model.

The funding of Business Finland covers 50% of the total costs of the Material Audit. Total costs consist of the material auditor's fees and expenses (VAT 0%) and a calculated supplement of 0–20% of the audited company's expenses. Business Finland may grant up to EUR 15,000 of funding for each audit. More than one Material Audit can be carried out to several subjects of audit within a company.

Material Audit funding is a form of de minimis aid.

What is required of your company?
  • Engagement in production and business operations
  • A genuine interest in developing the operations to be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly
  • Adequate investment in the implementation of the audit to ensure effectiveness.

See instructions for applying


How does Business Finland funding work?

Before you apply

Plan a project and define its goals. Ensure the sufficiency of self-financing.

Apply for funding

Submit your application through online services. Submit the additional information requested.

Approve the funding decision

Business Finland will assess your application and notify you of its decision. Read the decision and its terms and conditions, and approve the decision in online services.

Use the funding

Arrange project accounting. Notify Business Finland of any changes.

Report your project

Report your project's implementation and costs. Attach the additional information requested with your report.